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Understanding the Bible is a 6-week CLC Institute class. This overview course provides a basic platform from which to further your study of Biblical interpretation.

THE NEED TO INTERPRET  The exegetical challenge

ABOUT THE BIBLE  God’s unchanging, eternal Word

PRINCIPLES OF BIBLE INTERPRETATION  Exegesis, hermeneutics and eisegesis

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE  Parables, allegories, and more



CHINA and TIBET (The Autonomous Region of China)

April 22 through May 3, 2019 we traveled to Chengdu, China, Lhasa and Gyantse, in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, and concluded our journey in Beijing, China.

Our two-fold purpose was to bring the first of several Community LifeStraws to Yushu, a Tibetan area near Xining, China, where much of the water is unfit for drinking. We also brought many LuminAID solar lights to distribute in Chengdu, Lhasa, Karola and Gyantse. Use the QR Code (phone camera) to see a slide show or go to www.rtinc.org. Click here to read more about unreached/unengaged people groups.

Image result for spiritual growthSPIRITUAL GROWTH is natural in the physical and in the spirit, but never automatic. It always involves expanding our behavior into areas that are challenging and uncomfortable. Following are a few Biblical truths that, when applied, will result in dynamic spiritual growth.

Heaven is a Breath Away, by Valerie Paters and Cheryl Schuelke



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